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There are a number of ways to get in contact with me, depending on what you are reaching out about.


My primary personal email is as follows:

Using this is best if you want to contact me about something formal.


You can always tweet at me.

My handle is @0xRy4n. Feel free to DM me if you want to have a private conversation.


My Discord tag is Ry4n#1337. This is generally a quick way to contact me for a casual conversation, though you might need have a shared server with me. I'm not likely to accept a random friend request, so maybe try twitter first. My User ID is 186902973622910977.

If you choose to contact me via Discord, make sure the tag matches that UID by using a tool like this one here.

Public Key

My public key is stored on the OpenPGP keyserver. You can find it here.

The Key ID is 065F4BD7084163FCB2190212B55EC1A6A379089C. It was generated with 2048 bit RSA.